The Lee W. Robinson Company does all we can to be financially responsible when working with our clients. For Lee, transparency is key and he has created a pricing plan that works for clients no matter their budget.

Interior Design Pricing

Plain and simple, Lee’s design ideas cost $15 per square foot. This means a room measuring ten feet by ten feet would cost $1500 to design. Please note, there is a minimum of 200 square feet for this service.
Interior Product Pricing
Any product (furniture, carpeting, rugs, accessories, etcetera) purchased through The Lee W. Robinson Company is provided to clients at wholesale cost plus 70%, a very competitive rate.
Renovation/Construction Pricing
The Lee W. Robinson Construction Company, a separate entity of The Lee W. Robinson Company, helps clients build and renovate their homes. By helping a client take an empty lot all the way to finished home, there is consistency in the design inside and out. At builder’s cost plus 10% Lee’s time and energy goes directly into overseeing the blueprint drafting, interior and exterior design of your home and everything that goes with it.
Construction Blueprint Pricing
Our company offers an in-house designer with an architectural degree who can draw your greatest dreams for your home’s blueprints. This service offers one-stop shopping for clients to have all drawings completed to scale and within code, including Lee’s design ideas. Lee will help his clients determine if this draftsman’s services are sufficient for the project, or if an architect is required. He’s always looking to help a client make their budget stretch further. Draftsmen and architects can be paid directly without an upcharge by The Lee W. Robinson Company.
If you’ve got space that needs attention, let Lee help you create a concept and see it all the way through.