Many times, the question has been asked how a person could work with Lee across the miles. Of course, Lee has multiple clients around the country and is willing to travel to meet with them, but sometimes that doesn’t fit into the needs of a client. Some feel capable of handling the bulk of the work on their own, but still find it helpful to have someone they can connect with anytime on ideas, sensitive issues, or other recommendations.

Enter the world of E-Design (known around here as Lee-Design). Clients have the opportunity to get direction and ideas from Lee at an enviable price, no matter where they live.

How does it work?

Consultations happen via Facetime and/or Skype (depending on the client’s choice). Each consultation is billed based on square feet. Between meetings, clients have the opportunity to collaborate with Lee via private Pinterest board or Houzz Idea Books.

What’s included?

E-Design consultations allow a client to focus on specific room size, based on square feet, and determine such decisions as:

  • Purpose of a room
  • Solutions to a strange, existing layout
  • Color Scheme
  • Paint colors, fabrics, hardware, rugs, furniture, finishings
  • Inspiration Drawings (perspective or isometric) – Lee can draw plans via long distance to be given to client’s architect or builder

We charge $15 per square foot. The formula for determining the price of your project is:

Length x Width of room = Total Square Feet. Multiply that by $15 to get your price.

There is a minimum of 200 square feet. All goods and services are billed at the total wholesale cost + 60%. Client may see supplier invoices.