100 Gifts under $100!

The holidays are here, believe it or not, and around here we like to give gifts. Of course, it would be irresponsible to ask you to break your budget moving through your list. Therefore, we have honed in on 100 gifts we think make the perfect items for our “gifts under $100” category.

Whether you’re attending a neighbor’s potluck or a gourmet dinner at a friend’s home, taking a small token to the host a nice gesture.

Candles are always a welcome gift to any home – there can really never be enough. This one by Jonathan Abourbon candledler is a favorite, with a scent of bourbon.


And to go with those candles, or to be set near a fireplace, a Chanel Matchbox cover can add just a touch of glamour to one of life’s mundane accessories. matchbook


Picture frames are another favorite that is always a welcome gift. This one, at just $25, is a perfect gift to have at-the-ready for that last minute invitation.

Poppy Frame

These represent just a small sampling of our inexpensive gifts available in our online boutique or in our showroom at 211 Clover Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. Through the holidays we’ll be open on Saturdays from 11-3, and we’ll have those same hours open on Black Friday.

Stop by and check off everyone on that list so you can get back to enjoying your holiday.