Interior Design

Interior Design – Making Your Dream Home a Reality

The best interior design is like a symphony—every piece plays its part to create a more perfect, more beautiful whole. We start with a simple idea, a sketch on a sheet of paper, which evolves to incorporate the elements of style that define you.

At The Lee W. Robinson Company, we want to help make your home reflect your personality. By combining new ideas with your preexisting collections, we can help you realize your dream of living in a home that is tailored just for you. From the colors on your walls to the fabric on your furniture, we can turn your home into a symphony that plays a song just for you.

“Lee is a creative force to be reckoned with: his talents in design are truly extraordinary.”

Our Interior Design Process

Lee begins every project with a conversation and, if possible, a visit to the project location. We want to know who you are—what you like and dislike, what styles you use to define yourself, and what inspires you. During our initial meeting, we’ll also get a feel for the space that will be undergoing the transformation.

Once Lee gets a sense of your style and space, he will create a series of hand-drawn sketches, incorporating your ideas with his years of design experience.

Next, we will begin the process of selecting fabrics, wallpaper, flooring, paint, carpet, tile, trim, and any other detail that will go into the project space. After delivery of the selected items, our team, personally overseen by Lee will then install the new design solution.

Upon project completion, we will perform a thorough inspection and prepare follow-up reports to ensure your complete satisfaction. We leave nothing to chance; every detail is accounted for, ensuring we have delivered what we’ve promised.

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