About Our Company


“Lee’s work is uncompromising, and personifies integrity and vision. The service and quality of The Lee W. Robinson Company is unmatched. Lee is able to transfer the ordinary into the unordinary.”

Our Mission

The Lee W. Robinson Company’s overarching mission is to help clients design and build a home and lifestyle they love.

Our Vision

At the Lee W. Robinson Company, our dream is to see homeowners empowered and educated to create homes where life is celebrated, memories are made, and relationships prosper. We see distinctive living spaces that reflect our client’s personality, style, and values.

Ultimately we see a home life that transcends time and place and will be an inheritance to the generations that follow.

Our Values


We design spaces and styles that combine intelligence, inspiration, and heritage.



We make sound decisions that will resonate years from now and will be fiancially responsible.



We complete our work on time and on budget.



We are transparent in all we think, say, and do.



We believe that consumers today are smart and know what they like.