Add a little red and get in the Valentine spirit

Often I’m asked how to temporarily “dress up” a room for a holiday. With Valentine’s Day Saturday, here are my thoughts.

It’s easy to add a very hip, effortless vibe to your room for Valentine’s Day. I use the word insouciance to represent my take on an easygoing way of decor for a holiday like this. Lose the kitsch and keep it simple with these tips:


– Switch out your regular lightbulbs with red ones. Yes, we know this is reminiscent of the “red light district” but if you don’t take yourself too seriously, you can just enjoy the moment.

– Better yet, go even more chic by adding a red silk scarf over a lamp.

– Scent your room by spraying your favorite perfume on your lightbulbs.

– Serve Rosé instead of your regular red or white wine.

– Serve Caviar Pie made with Red Caviar.

– Your floral display can be red, but it doesn’t have to be created from roses. I love Poppies as a fresh take on a red flower.

In my opinion, the red should be in your cheeks and not in your decor. A little goes a long way.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.59.59 PMHappy Valentine’s Day to each of you, and especially to my Valentine, my wife, Babs.