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Bet you didn’t know that was my design!

Over and over, we keep bumping into people who say, “I was at my friend’s home last week and saw your new designs. I had no idea you did that kind of work.”

207 Mockingbird Gardens - 35

Well, we listen to our community, we truly do. So this summer we’ll be working on getting some new photographs of current projects as well as updating our overall branding. It seems it’s been too long since we’ve shown off Lee’s work.

Though Lee’s signature look was once the black and white marble floor, we recognize that every homeowner – and every home – is different. What Lee really excels at is taking YOUR ideas and making them come to life. He doesn’t expect every home to look like his. Personal taste is… personal.


207 Mockingbird Gardens - 5Every wonderful designer should make the experience of building and designing a home fun, personable and customized.

The homeowners of the home in these photos wanted modern glamour, with a comfortable but elegant feel. They want their guests to feel as if they can keep their shoes on when they enter, and it’s ok to touch the furniture. That being said, they had a very specific color palette in mind and Lee utilized that and incorporated complimentary colors, to give the home only a hint of “pop.”

Got ideas of your own? Let us know by calling 502-895-1401 to schedule a meeting (and yes, he travels).

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