Bring a room together with one piece.

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While a room can incorporate many different pieces of decor from furniture to paint color, accessories and pillows, the one piece that can truly tie it all together is a rug. No matter the size of your room, a rug can add warmth – both literally and figuratively.

I’m pleased to introduce my custom-designed line of hand-stitched rugs made in Brazil. These rugs, designed in my Louisville, Kentucky showroom include details from the design world of both today and our rich traditional history of yesterday.Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.01.55 PM

Made by hand by women in Brazil who have practiced this trade for many years and handed the skill down from generation to generation, I bring these rugs to you at a competitive price.

Available in our showroom or online, select your design and your custom size to create the perfect rug for your space.