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Change in Season , Change in Mood

The easiest and most cost effective way to cater to your seasonal mood changes is to employ the psychology of color and choose one that encourages the desired mood of the space you are going to paint. Here at the Lee W. Robinson Company we have spent years developing our own paint lines just for this reason.

Recognizing that painting is an inexpensive alternative to full blown interior design, we have developed custom colors from pigment choices taken from both architectural history and a family owned paint company that started in Louisville in 1867. Our colors are named after items that evoke mood and mental images that assist in establishing the desired ambiance for your room.

We have listed our 19 proprietary colors in The Lifestyle Section designated for each of our three lifestyles: The McDowell, The Thruston and The Owsley. These paints have been used from Palm Beach to New York City and can be shipped to any location in the country. Our unique and custom colors can only be obtained through the Lee W. Robinson Company.

Our colors can be purchased by calling 502.895.1401 or by visiting our Louisville showroom.