Design begins even before we break ground.

For many people building homes, the process is to work with an architect and contractors to design and build a house, and then to involve an interior designer later in the process to make that house a home. While I do enjoy working with clients on their already-built home, my true passion as – as a designer – is to work with a client from the moment they decide to build. IMG_7866

When I started The Lee W. Robinson Company, my original premise was to be a one-stop shop. This is why we offer services like drawing blueprints in-house. We also offer input on the blueprints and construction management. We do not have to build it for you, we can just manage or give input if that’s your preference. You control your destiny with our menu of services. We have a varying fee schedule based on your needs. As a result, we pride ourselves on working within any budget because you control the services you need. 

Knowing the future homeowners’ needs, goals and their thought process during the design and build phase is critically important to designing the home to their needs, tastes and budget after it is built. There are design elements that can go into the foundation of the house and can then be carried through in the types of interior design we select for the home. Having the foresight helps us to not only make the design elements functional, but it helps to manage the financial portion as a whole. IMG_7887

My decade of experience in the banking industry helps me help my clients stay fiscally responsible. If I left a client with their dream home but no money in the bank, then I’ve done that client a great disservice. Knowing when to spend the extra dollars and when to hold back is one of the skills most important in a designer.

One of the things I most enjoy about working with full-service clients is the rapport and trust we build. These relationships are lifelong and many of my clients have returned to me to help design subsequent homes, or vacation homes. My clients know that when I’m working on their project, all details will be handled by myself and my team. Why should a client need to constantly stay on top of their contractors, and constantly follow up on where things need to be when they’ve hired me? I enjoy those little details and making sure every little nuance is built and designed to the level my clients expect, and I have the staff to support the effort. 

If you want to do the interior design for your home yourself with just a little guidance, we can help you through our DIY Lifestyle concept. And if you want the project handled A-Z (blueprinting, construction, interior design), then we are your one-stop-shop. We do offer each of these services individually if you do not need all three. Contact us at the Lee W. Robinson Company.  I think you’ll be surprised just how far your dollar can stretch and still create your dream home.  IMG_7870