Fashion and Design in your home.

IMG_2740I’ve just returned from New York Fashion Week where I had a great time taking in the beauty that is runway fashion. I realize I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in such an experience, and encourage you, if you ever get the chance, to go. Even if you think you aren’t into high fashion, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

What stood out to me as an observer of the event this year was the throwback to Hollywood glamour of days gone by. With a color palette including seafoam green, jewel tones, aubergine and orange, metallics were brought into the mix as well. I can think of so many places where these colors would work throughout a home. Adding a throw or some pillows to a more neutral color couch can highlight these colors in a room and add some brightness that perhaps was not there before. IMG_2741

The cut of the fabrics was a new highlight I noticed on clothing designs, and I can see how this can affect fabrics in drapes, chairs, pillows.

Even the music during many of the shows with remixes of artists like Dinah Washington put you in a good mood and took the audience back to a different era. It can be fun to incorporate the trends of high fashion into your home, even if not into your wardrobe. A little touch here and there can really update the overall look of your decor.