From where does inspiration come?

It’s interesting… when people select an interior designer, many times they look for someone who is like them, whose home looks like the home they want. But once the design process begins, what they find is that they have their own tastes, and they want to separate from the initial plans with the designer and make it their own. Believe it or not, I welcome this phase.  nulu_loft_08

If all my clients wanted the same home, they wouldn’t need me as a designer. The fun part for me is getting to know my clients on a personal level and helping them uncover their own tastes and desires for their living space.

I know some out there have been to our home, Malvern House, and the style is not for them. That’s true – the style is very personal to my family and me. But it’s important to look at designer’s entire portfolio and to look for differences between homes. What worked for one family is completely wrong for another. A Highlands home is going to be much different than new construction in Prospect. As such, a home for 4 children is going to be much different than empty-nesters.207 Mockingbird Gardens - 6
When shopping around for your interior designer, ask for photos and examples of different types of homes. A true designer does just that – design. They do not recreate rooms from past projects in a new home.

I’m inspired by my clients – their tastes, their collections, their wine, their art. Knowing the types of things they like and discovering their priorities helps me to help them design the perfect home.