High Point – the high point of Fall

We’re just back from Market at High Point in North Carolina. This is where the buck stops. While Atlanta and New York markets are amazing and a great experience, High Point is where much of the furniture is actually produced – we’re right in the backyard of the factories. Though some manufacturing has moved overseas, North Carolina is still the furniture capitol of the world, and visiting twice a year for both my showroom and my clients is a true treat.

Some of the coolest things we saw this time included the following (and all are available through our showroom if you see something that would be perfect in your home. At great price points, these are the items not to miss).

Couches for techies – now complete with USB ports, speaker jacks and outlets, everything you need to be a couch potato on a Saturday has arrived. Tech couch


Backlit mirrors – can’t you just see one of these in your powder room?

backlit mirror2 backlit mirror1







Pops of green. Green is the color right now and there are hints of it everywhere. In paint color, in furniture, in fabrics.

pops of green






We saw lots of materials in use at market including alabaster and rock crystal. The natural look is still in, but with a touch of glamour. Reclaimed wood is making its way out of the limelight.

Speaking of light, the light fixtures are simply breathtaking. We’ve always said that interior design is like fashion. Light fixtures can be the jewelry to your room’s outfit.

light2 light1




There are so many available options. What I’ve noticed recently, following with the theory that design is like fashion, is that people are purchasing fewer antiques and more items at reasonable prices. At The Lee W. Robinson Company, we are here to help you do just that.