In The Wall Street Journal

I will share my love of and fascination with paint in The Wall Street Journal on March 8. In the article, I discuss the similarities between perfume and paint. I explain how both personal fragrances and paint evoke powerful emotional responses and how they can relate to each of the five senses.

Because painting is such an inexpensive way to decorate and because it can transport you into another world, I was very committed to creating the Lee W. Robinson Company line of paints that is inspirational and unexpected.  The pigments were thoroughly researched and (colorfully) reflect the history of my wife’s family who were leading figures in the paint and coatings industry. That Louisville was, and still is, the paint capital of the world, made the project even more exciting!

I think the writer may have been surprised at the names I have given my colors, such as Beluga, Couture Satin, Mocha Soufflé, Hamptons Summer, Hollandaise, and Palm Beach Coral. The selection of names was very important because of their ability to connect with memories, impressions and experiences.