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Taking a large 20th century home built by the owner of the famous Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, The Lee W. Robinson Company brought new life into this historic building in Cherokee Park.

Reappointed and designed for a young professional, this home reflects a more modern aesthetic and sensibility while retaining the historic integrity of the actual structure.


This modern renovation included a lodge room on the 3rd floor complete with wet bar for entertaining along with all new baths and an updated kitchen complete with the conveniences one might expect in a modern house.

All historic architectural features were enhanced and preserved with meticulous careā€”from molding to hinges and doorknobs. Family antiques were juxtaposed to the clean lines and primary pallets of Melissa Meyer paintings. We helped the client select a color palate that would incite drama and energy where needed while providing a serene element in bedrooms and areas of relaxation and repose.