Look what’s in at the Lee W. Robinson Company

I’ve just returned from Atlanta where the annual market event was held. There were so many great options for items we want to add to our store, one could be overwhelmed. january 2015 095 Fortunately, I had a clear direction on the items I wanted to add to our showroom collection:

1. Items should be high-quality items that customers won’t want to replace in five or ten years

2. Items should be appropriately priced and should offer a good value for the quality included

3. Items should fit into one of our three DIY Lifestyles: Owsley, Thruston and McDowell

I brought with me one of our showroom managers as well as one of my three sons. Between the three of us we were attracted to several different areas of the show, but were able to come together and determine which pieces make the most sense for the discerning, intelligent, tasteful customer we have (and continually welcome).

Have a look at some of the items we will be bringing into the showroom very soon. See something you have to have? Contact me, we can put a hold on it for you! 

sterling industries 120-008 black croc coffee table
mirrors hgtv-d158