Multitasking is in my DNA

I’ve never been a person who can do just one thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a personality test, but whatever the result is that shows me retaining lots of information and being able to use that information quickly – that’s the personality I am.

Some people ask me how I can keep it all straight. I’m currently working on about 30 projects, so being able to keep it straight is critical. I talk a lot about not reusing designs from home to home. It’s rare to walk into one of the homes I’ve designed and see the same fabric or wallpaper you’ve seen in other homes I’ve designed (unless a client procured an item on their own, which happens). When clients call me and ask a question about their specific project, even down to the minute details, we are always on the same page – I’m right there with them.

I don’t have a photographic memory, I swear.

The truth is, when you design the way I do, you really get into the personality of the client. For me, their needs become my needs. Their concerns about budget become my concerns about budget. My job is not to impose a fabulously gorgeous home on a family who has different tastes than I do. My job, as a designer, is to listen to what the client is telling me and take it to heart as we work together to build, renovate and design their dream home.

Every family is different. Needs, tastes and budgets change from home to home, family to family. So my job is to make sure that what The Lee W. Robinson Company offers is my full attention with creative ideas that satisfy what the client wants. 

For me, the fun is working with each individual client to create a home that makes sense for them. Hopefully along the way I’ve brought some knowledge and expertise to the ideas my clients have and they end up with a finished product that reflects the type of home they want to live in, with a few creative ideas of mine thrown in to make it happen.