Taking care of the little things

Often, I get calls from my clients about little things happening around their house that they aren’t sure how to handle. Being in the building/design industry for so long allows me to know a lot of great tradespeople who can get the job done for you and keep your home running as it should.
This time of year, heat is an issue… from drafty windows to sticking doors, our office can help. The cold can even lead to paint separating from wood. Below freezing temperatures can really create havoc on a home and the last thing I want is a client feeling stranded and unable to solve a problem.

If something in your home has gone awry, don’t feel like you have to wait until spring to get it fixed. This is a great time of year for inside maintenance. I have at my fingertips trustworthy people who can solve your problem and keep your house functioning as a home.

You know what else people like to work on in the winter? Technology issues. Got a new computer for the holidays and aren’t sure how to hook it up to your network? Need to wire a new TV to display prominently in your great room? Call me directly and I’ll “hook you up.”

That “Honey Do” list can grow pretty long during these long, hibernating months. So why not outsource it? Won’t it be great when April comes and you can just open up your windows and breathe in the fresh air without worry? Don’t wait for a deadline of Derby. Get your home ready to go. Call my office at (502)895-1401 and ask for me directly. I’m happy to help!