The Dazzling Return of Glamour

If the colorful ball gowns and gorgeous jewelry at the Museum of the City of New York Winter Ball were any indication, the days of restraint and understatement in dress have passed into oblivion.

The normally pared down model Coco Rocha looked splendid as did television personality Deborah Norville. Fashion icon Carolina Herrera was ravishing. But, when isn’t she? And several of the Old Guard, members of the Rockefeller and Roosevelt clans, were magnificently dressed and bejeweled.

What does all of this say, other than that Babs and I had a fabulous evening? I believe guests weren’t only attending one of the season’s most anticipated balls, but were celebrating a lifting of their spirits by bringing glamour and glitz back into their lives.

The ball also displayed a modern approach to entertaining. I was intrigued by the absence of predictable round tables. Instead, long tables encouraged a communal conviviality. Loosely translated, let’s say it was picnic-style very glammed up.

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That evening has led me to consider the concept of glamour and how it can play out in our everyday lives. It doesn’t equate with ostentatious and doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it does call for the generous use of details. You might be amazed at how easily mirrors, scented candles and cashmere throws can turn lackluster into luxurious. Put your imagination to work and surround yourself with things you love and make you feel good. Being a little bit smart can take you a long way to glamorous.

Glamour is engaging, comfortable and inviting. Thank goodness it’s back.