We had a great time at the Atlanta market, “y’all.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Atlanta market and I took my middle son, Rodes, along with me.  I love visiting the markets – everything we see in magazines comes to life. It’s fun to pick out items for specific clients, but also items that we want to bring to you, our customer, via our showroom and our online boutique. With all the different styles and themes coming in and out each year, I enjoy bringing these designs back to you, and helping you incorporate them in your home.

Below are just a few photos of items I really liked from the market. See something you like? Let us know and we’ll put it on hold for you as soon as it comes in from the market.

More details about our summer market trips to come in an upcoming issue of NFocus Louisville!

Photo Jul 08, 1 38 08 PM


Photo Jul 08, 3 29 03 PM (1) Photo Jul 08, 2 28 58 PMPhoto Jul 08, 2 43 47 PMPhoto Jul 08, 3 16 42 PM (1)