What a weekend! Thank you!

What a fantastic weekend we had at Wine & Design! It’s taken me until today to sit down and reflect on how much fun and how successful the event was, once again! Ok ok, it could have been the “wine” part of “Wine & Design” too, you all know me so well. But really, it was such a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

I want to thank our variety of vendors who joined us, whether they were local to Louisville or from Lexington, Atlanta, New York or Los Angeles. Thanks also to our two special guests, Robin Baron and Cameron Silver who brought their knowledge, expertise and lines to Louisville for all to see. Special thanks to Elizabeth Woolsey for moderating our Saturday discussion as well as Commonwealth Bank for their tremendous support.



Lastly, thanks to all of you who came downtown on a rainy weekend and supported the Pendennis Historical Foundation. The skyline of Louisville is beautiful because of so many of historic buildings. Helping to retain the facade of the building at second and Muhammad Ali contributes to that beauty.

I want to wish each of you a very happy holiday season. All the best!