Why DIY?

As The Lee W. Robinson Company launches our brand-new DIY concept, Lee shares with you his vision, and reason for creating the idea: 

“I recognized a change in the design industry and began to see two distinct groups. The first group is made up of those who require boutique service – they want a project managed from A to Z and they have the means to hire a professional to do this for them. But I recognize that not everyone has the desire to outsource their home to someone else. Today’s consumer is educated and fully capable of seeing their own design ideas come to fruition. All they really needed was the sourcing. Within that group, there are those to whom my brand appeals. Now everyone – at every price point – can have the Lee W. Robinson Company experience based on our curated lifestyles.”

To create a Lee W. Robinson Company inspired room in your home, visit our brand-new website and online boutiquelee-w-robinson photo or stop by our showroom at 211 Clover Lane in Louisville, Kentucky.