Winterizing Your Home Decor

Each year it seems the summer comes to a sudden halt, and we run straight into Halloween. Once we get past the orange and black, it’s time to pause and begin to think about preparing our homes for the holidays. As you get ready to welcome your family in, there are some easy, do-it-yourself ways to transform the ambiance of your home into a warm, inviting space.

Of course, in the days gone by, people would roll up their rugs and add slipcovers to their furniture in the summer to keep cool. As the weather began to chill, they’d roll those rugs back out to help warm the room. Today, the decor changes we make to our homes are not as much necessity as they are aesthetic. An easy way to make a quick change in your living space is to switch out throws and pillows. Deeper colors in the same family as your bright summery pillows can add a richness to your family room or great room. Throws can change from lightweight cotton to mohair and cashmere. In the fall and winter we tend to snuggle up on the couch in front of the fire, so we look for items that are tactile and warm.

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Regarding those fireplaces, as I believe in involving all five senses in the home experience, I recommend wood burning. Of course, in your bedroom it’s nice to be able to push a button and go to sleep, so for those rooms I do recommend a gas fireplace. An easy trick to making your home smell delightful is to toss a few pinecones into the fire as it burns. Try it.

A scent of a home is part of its overall feeling. I tend to spray Chanel #5 on lightbulbs. As the bulbs heat, the aroma emanates throughout the room. Since we’re sitting in our rooms more in the cold months, it’s nice to create a scent that is comforting.

For your mantel, there’s no need to spend a lot of money or time. Nature is our most beautiful asset. Each year I go outside and cut magnolia and holly and place them gently on the mantel. Pine cones as decor are also perfect through the Thanksgiving season.Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.24.34 AMOn Black Friday, I grab a can of gold spray paint, paint those pine cones gold and have an instant decoration for Christmas. I also use a lot of fruit in my fall and winter decorating. More on decorating with fruit is coming in my next post. Now that you you have these simple ideas to get your home ready for the holidays, we’ll tell you in our next post how to decorate your table for Thanksgiving.