You don’t need a big budget to love your home.




Happy New Year! As 2015 gets going I find that our showroom is in a whirr of activity. From people working on their homes independently utilizing our DIY option, to those perusing our showroom, to the ten homes I’m working on with full-service clients, including those where we are doing the construction, construction management and entire home interior design, we love a busy January.


Since I’ve been in the design industry, I’ve seen changes in the world, changes in design, changes in our community. I like to say I can roll with the changes, which is the reason for creating the DIY Concept in the first place. Check it out in person at our Louisville, KY showroom (211 Clover Lane). Inside our showroom you can use our in-house iPads to discover which lifestyle suits your taste the most, and then you can walk through vignettes of each lifestyle to select the items that fit in your home.
One thing I would like to make clear as we start this year: I believe whole-heartedly that having a beautifully designed home does not have to cost your life savings. Perhaps because my former career was in the banking industry, I feel it my duty to be fiscally responsible and to help clients create the home of their dreams without spending it all. I believe strongly that a good designer helps a client be responsible. While there are tables and pieces of furniture out there that cost upwards of $10,000 I’ve never encouraged a client to go that route. There are so many less expensive quality options available. 


Another important thing to note about choosing a designer: A good designer listens. Of course I have my signature style… the black and white marble floor is a key piece I love to include in homes. BUT I recognize not everyone has my taste. I’m open and flexible to making your home in the style YOU want. You are going to be the person living there and it has to represent you – not me.

Through the years I’ve had the opportunity to create so many different styles in so many different homes. And these days, individuals are creating these spaces on their own with just a little guidance.
No matter what you’re building, designing or renovating this year, the Lee W. Robinson Company can help you at the level that makes you – and your budget – comfortable.



We do the reclaimed wood tone on tone look, but the fresh from the city concept is modern restrained glamour…watch for all these new houses to show different variations on this exciting aesthetic!!!